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On the Interface page you can find settings related to the usage of the plugin. You can tweak these settings to change the workflow of Wander to your liking.

Sleepy mode

Sleepy mode is a tool that will dim the Wander after not using it for a certain amount of time. Using this can be very helpful if you are easily distracted by the moving gifs or bright images that you searched in Wander.

When enabling Sleepy Mode you will be shown sliders to customize your fading experience. The first sliders controls the time after which Sleepy Mode will kick in and start dimming your panel.

The second slider controls the amount your panel gets dimmed. The third slider controls the time it takes to dim the panel to the set amount after Sleepy Mode kicked in.

Relative save location

When activated, all of your downloaded content will be saved in your project folder, so your files will always stay close to your project. When your project is not yet saved, the save folder location is used for the downloaded files.

Save folder location

All downloaded content is saved in a particular folder on your device. You can change the save folder location when clicking on the Open button or you can see what the current save location is in the input bar.

Import size

The content you import from the Wander panel is getting placed in the composition with its own width and height. This means that most gifs are smaller than for example images from Unsplash. Enabling Import Size makes sure that all the imports are using the same width and height placement relative to the composition size.

Importing on 50% means that the content is placed with 50% of the composition size.

Action bar

On a lot of actions in the Wander panel the Action Bar appears over the search bar to give you information on what changed, a warning or an error that was caught somewhere. This action bar is standard enabled but you can always disable it here if it's too distracting.

Some warnings or errors might still be shown even when you disabled the Action Bar.