To infinite media from the internet


Wander is a tool to search and import more than 62+ million media items from the internet with ease. Wander is available as an Extension to extend the functionality of the Creative Cloud applications Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere.

System requirements

Due to the Adobe Extension API becoming available in late-2017, Wander can only be installed on modern versions of Adobe Creative Cloud application.

Wander is compatible with any workstation with hardware that can run Adobe Premiere or Adobe After Effects. See below for a list of software compatibility:



After Effects CC


Premiere CC




We recommend using Wander in Adobe After Effects. Adobe After Effects is best suited to import transformed images and SVGs.

Additional requirements

Wander makes use of third-party APIs to search and import media. Most of these services are for commercial use but always make sure you check their licenses before using the media in commercial projects.

For more about the licenses of the services see below:


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If you still have questions after reviewing this Wander guide please visit our Support page. Enjoy learning and we hope Wander is a fantastic addition to your workflow.

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