License System

Pay once, play forever

Software is getting more and more subscription-based and we get why companies are using this business model. Mt. Mograph beliefs that if you buy software, it should be yours, forever. No yearly subscriptions, no hidden cost. Pay once, play forever.

The miracle of Auto-Update

All of our tools are equipped with an auto-update system. When we release an update, you will immediately receive the latest version and are ready to play with the newest tools. If you don't want your tool to update automatically, in Wander you can go to Menu > Updates and turn Auto-Updates off.

Remotely login and logout, anywhere

Installing Wander on multiple workstations is no problem. You can take your license key and just log in somewhere else. If you have exceeded your seats you can just "kick" another workstation out and you are ready to pick up where you left.

If you want to work on multiple workstations at the same time, but you don't have enough seats, no worries! Just send us a message at and we'll give you a sweet deal to get extra seats.

New upgrades are your best friend

Mt. Mograph is working very hard to make the perfect tools for our users and we frequently update Wander with new features, fixes, and fresh sounds to work with.

You can see the latest changelog in Wander if you go to Menu and click on the version number in the right bottom corner of the panel.

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